Photo Booth Showdown: Hot Booth vs Classic Booth


Since we’ve launched our newest photo booth service, the Hot Booth, we’ve been getting loads of questions about the service and the differences between the services. I decided to write this article to answer some of the most common questions we’ve received. Hopefully you’ll come away knowing which service is best for you and your event.

Photo Booth Cameras

The most common questions on the differences in photo booths is picture quality so we’ll start there. The Classic Booth uses a Canon DSLR camera and the Hot Booth uses an iPad camera. In a head to head comparison the picture quality is better in the Classic Booth.

Are the Hot Booth photos bad? Not at all! The picture quality has greatly improved on recent iPad/iPhone releases. If you own a late model iPhone (8 and above) I’m sure you’ve noticed the picture quality is pretty good. We use the latest iPad Pro which shares the same image quality as the latest iPhones.

The biggest difference is that the Classic Booth’s DSLR is configured to take pictures that are clear and sharp even while the subject is moving. The iPad camera has similar settings but the picture doesn’t come off quite as sharp if the subject is in motion.

Photo Booth Lighting

The other technical difference you should know about is the differences in the light sources for the photo booths. The classic booth is powered by a professional strobe light which gives off a brilliant blast of light right when the picture is taken. If you’ve ever taken a picture with a powerful flash and that caused you to blink you know exactly what I’m talking about. The blast of light brings out clear, sharp colors for bright pictures.

The ring light is a constant LED light. Because the lighting is constant it can’t be as powerful as a strobe light or you’d be covering your eyes every time you step in front of the camera. To take sharper, brighter pictures you need to stand closer to the camera while taking the picture.

Photo Booth Features

Both photo booth services include:

  • Free photo booth delivery, setup and breakdown
  • Four hours of photo booth service
  • On-site booth attendant
  • Multiple print/GIF design options
  • Download link or Dropbox folder containing all images and prints from event

Both photo booth services also include prints. For the Classic Booth the prints are unlimited – meaning in big group shots it’s possible for everyone to get a copy of the print. Also you can upgrade from our standard 2×6 strip layout to a bigger 4×6 print layout.

The Hot Booth comes with 2×6 strip prints with a max of 2 prints per photo cycle. To keep things simple we don’t offer any print upgrades for the Hot Booth.

Both photo booth services include email sharing. However the Classic Booth also comes with 5G WiFi to share photos in seconds right from the photo booth. The Hot Booth doesn’t have an internet connection so photos are sent 6 to 8 hours after the event.

Photo Booth Service Differences

The Classic Booth comes standard with a backdrop and props. It also includes a separate tablet to view and email your prints. The backdrop is 8’ x 8’ and we require the venue to supply a 6’ or 4’ table for props. We ideally need 10’ x 10’ of space for the Classic Booth.

The Hot Booth was built to be a mobile. It only needs about 3 feet of space. To take advantage of that we don’t include props or a backdrop with Hot Booth rentals. The Hot Booth can be placed in smaller rooms, tight corners, and many other areas that the Classic Booth with backdrop and props won’t fit.

The Hot Booth also doesn’t include a separate tablet or online gallery featuring your images after your event.

Both of our photo booths are competitively priced. The Hot Booth was specifically designed to be a lower cost option that will still give you the awesome pictures and good times you’d get with our Classic Booth. Both photo booth services offer “takeaways” like no prints and less time that can bring cost down if you have a limited budget. The Classic Booth offers upgrades like bigger prints, premium backdrops, and deluxe props to customize your photo booth rental.

Hope that clears up any questions you may have had. If you have further questions please contact us!

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