How Much does A Photo Booth Rental cost?


How Much does A NYC Photo Booth Rental cost?

This is by far the most common question asked for people looking to rent a photo booth for their event.

For many people price is the sole reason for either booking or passing on a Photo Booth.

Here’s the deal:

There are SO many factors that go into price for a photo booth rental.

We’re assuming at this point you’ve started doing your research comparing different photo booth companies and you are coming across few things:

  • There are so many photo booth vendors!
  • They seem to all offer the same basic options – at different prices!
  • Many photo booth vendors do not publish their prices publicly on their websites

Should you shop around for the best deal? Absolutely! But how will you know what’s the best deal?

In this article we want to break down the pricing structures of your typical photo booth rental and explain the most common pricing tiers for photo booths.

You’ll go into research knowing exactly what you want and how to find the best company offering the services you want at a price that fits your budget!

Let’s discuss.

So what’s the price?

To begin, you need a rough estimate of your budget for a photo booth. Then you need to figure what services you expect from whatever photo booth rental company you hire.

We’ll let your budget be the guide for the level of photo booth service you’ll ultimately receive.

Is your event budget tight?

Or perhaps price is no object. Your search will be as open as possible and when faced with choices, you’ll go for the best.

Most people will fall somewhere in the middle of the two options budget wise.

What services are you looking for your photo booth company to provide? Almost every photo booth company offers basic a print package. If that’s all you require you’ll have plenty of options to choose from.

However in today’s modern era there are many more add-ons and features to boost the photo booth experience!

Some of the many advanced offerings include:

  • Photo Booths that create moving GIFs from the pictures taken.
  • Photo Booths that add filters and special effects to the photos.
  • Video booths that can capture short video clips and slow motion clips.

We even saw a photo booth that can take photos and print them onto cookies, cupcakes and other treats!

Once you decide what options you are interested in and how flexible your budget is you are ready to look at what photo booth provider to go with.

For example:

You’ve decided you want to rent a photo booth with unlimited prints and sharing via email and text.

If you live in let’s say, the greater New York City or Brooklyn area you have over 40 photo booth rental companies to choose from.

Between these 40 companies the quote can vary – up to $500 for a similar package!

How can you discover the differences in quality and value between so many photo booth companies when faced with so many options?

Here are a few things to look out for:

Whats included in the package – And what’s an Add-on?

Many photo booth rental companies offer what seems like an attractive low price – until you read the fine print on the service offerings included in the quote.

What seems like a great deal can fast become more expensive when you craft their package to fit your specific event’s needs.

For example, many wedding receptions last for at least 4 hours. That awesome quote you found might only covers two hours – with each additional hour bumping the price up to premium price levels!

Other common features that might be add-ons for discounted photo booth rental packages include:

  • Backdrops
  • Props
  • Print design
  • Social media sharing
  • Insurance Coverage

Find out exactly what is and isn’t included in your package before you sign the dotted line!

That last thing anyone wants is a misunderstanding and disappointment the day of the event because you assumed that certain add-ons came included in your package.

Back to the future

In today’s internet era everyone owns a smartphone and has a Facebook page. Does your photo booth rental include options that take advantage of this for your guest?

Sharing is not just a marketing buzzword – it’s a common way of life for millions everyday.

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter – your guest are constantly updating social media with the latest and greatest in their everyday life.

They want to share the pictures they just took in the photo booth at your event to social media.

Does your prospective photo booth rental company have sharing capabilities?

All your photo booth rental options have a website. Their website should be able to:

  • Host a gallery on their website where they post all photos taken at your event
  • Make the gallery private so only you and your guest can view the photos
  • Allow photo downloads from the gallery

The above shouldn’t be a total deal breaker – especially if your on a tight budget.

But it is something you should consider if you are planning an event with younger guest and you’d like for people to share their photos.


Where is your event being held? This seems so obvious right?

But many don’t consider the overall time and planning involved from the photo booth rental company for your event.

Most photo booth companies have a specific area they cover. We cover New York City and the immediate surrounding areas.

If you are planning a beautiful picturesque wedding in the Hamptons we’d love to bring the photo booth out!

However, when giving you a quote we have to account for the four hours plus drive roundtrip from New York City.

We also have to account for gas, tolls, rest stops and more.

After an amazing day of taking pictures of you and your guest we still need to break our equipment down and hit the road, sometimes getting home late into the night!

Some photo booth rental companies will add an additional flat charge to the quote to cover travel time. Some charge by mile after a certain distance.

If you are planning a destination wedding make sure to ask about travel fees!


A great way to judge the quality of the photo booth company is to research their reviews.

Our business is built on reviews from happy customers!

When we do an amazing job and our clients are pleased they are more than happy to leave glowing reviews.

Does your photo booth rental company of choice have a web presence? Then they should have reviews!

There are many places where clients can leave reviews including Facebook, Yelp, The Knot and more.

You can even ask for a reference of a previous client. A quick email can confirm if clients had a great experience with the photo booth company.

No reviews anywhere? Not a good sign.

It’s all about the equipment!

How much of a concern is the quality of the images? Would you be satisfied with iphone/ipad or webcam quality images? If you are working with a tight budget most discounted photo booth rental packages will offer a lower quality of photos as a trade off.

For many it works, but if you already own an ipad you can recreate a similar experience for even less.

If you want high quality images and pro lighting you are looking at premium packages. How do you know it’s premium?

DSLR Cameras and Studio quality strobe flash lights.

If your photo booth rental company is quoting premium prices they should be using cameras from brands such as Canon, Nikon, and Sony. Don’t be scared to ask! This equipment is more on the expensive side, which raises the overall photo booth rental prices.

If they are running their booth with equipment brands your not familiar with be cautious.

In our personal experience investing in top of the line equipment is a must for any professional photo booth company.

Better equipment last much longer. Replacing cords and batteries are easier. The equipment include real warranties and have better resources online for instruction and troubleshooting.

They also have a much lower chance of failing during use – possibly in the middle of your event!

Other things…..


Many venues require photo booth rental companies to be fully insured in the case of accidents.

The chances of accidents for photo booths are slim but it’s still an expense we have to take into account when giving you a quote.

Check if your venue requires a certificate of insurance. And check if this is included in the quote from your photo booth rental company.


Is your wedding or event happening during peak seasons?

Weekends from May to July and September to November are the busiest times of the year. You’ll find if you have an event during these months and wait to rent a photo booth many companies won’t be available.

The demand is so high during these months that some companies charge a premium!

Ok great…so what’s the price?

Let’s break it down to numbers – and please keep in mind, this list is only an estimate.

Some companies include features that others charge a premium for so once again – know what you want from your photo booth rental.

If you live in a major city expect the rates to be on the higher end.

  • Basic Photo Booth Rental: $300 – $700
  • Premium Photo Booth Rental: $800 – $1400
  • Luxury Photo Booth Rental: $1500 – $4000

Let’s break down the most common features included in the above packages.

A basic photo booth rental might include:

  • 3-4 hours of service
  • 2 prints per photo cycle
  • Props
  • CD/USB with all images taken.

If you are thinking of going with a basic photo booth make sure to ask about equipment used, and request to see images from previous events – mailed if possible!

Viewing physical prints beforehand is the best way to get an idea of picture and print quality you’ll get at your event.

You can find many basic photo booth rental companies on sites such as Craigslist and Gigbuilder.

A premium photo booth rental might include basic features and also:

  • Unlimited prints
  • Social media sharing
  • GIF and Video Booth upgrade options and more.

Most premium photo booth rental companies have resources available for you – a full website with a gallery of photos from previous events, pictures of the booth in use, and even youtube videos of the booth in use. Be wary if your company of choice can’t provide any of this!

You can find many premium photo booth rental companies on sites such as Yelp and The Knot.

A luxury photo booth rental might include premium features and also:

  • Flat screen TV or projector to view images during the event.
  • High quality backdrops (Leather, Floral Arrangements, etc.)
  • Expensive, custom made props specifically for your event

Many times luxury photo booth rental companies charge high rates due to superior marketing and celebrity connections.

Depending on your needs you might not need to spend the extra money on a luxury photo booth rental. Many premium photo booth rentals offer the same services for much less.

If you are set on a luxury photo booth you will not find them easy. They don’t usually advertise to the public. But if you look through some of your favorite celebrities and big brands Instagram accounts your find photo booth pics that frequently will link back to the companies.


As with most things in life, you ultimately get what you pay for. It might not be worth it to rent a photo booth if your budget is restricted.

If you have the time and the resources you can find tutorials online to make your own photo booth. Most people pass on that idea when they see the amount of work involved but if you are crafty and have some help you can pull it off.

Fortunately with the help of this article you know what to look out for.

Get a few photo booth rental quotes, compare services to what you are looking for and I’m confident you will find the perfect photo booth rental for your event!

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